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Quick Guide to Build De-novo Assemblies. This is a pipeline that you can use to pre-process, analyze and reconstruct de-novo assemblies using RNA-Seq data. It has been written by Santiago Montero-Mendieta and it is located on GitHub.

Montero-Mendieta S, Grabherr M, Lantz H, De la Riva I, Leonard JA, Webster MT, Vilà C. (2017) A practical guide to build de-novo assemblies for single tissues of non-model organisms: the example of a Neotropical frog. PeerJ 5:e3702
| Paper


Quail genotype data set

from Sanchez-Donoso I, Rodríguez-Teijeiro JD, Quintanilla I, Jiménez-Blasco I, Sardà-Palomera F, Nadal J, Puigcerver M, Vilà C (2014) Influence of game restocking on the migratory behavior of the common quail (Coturnix coturnix). Evolutionary Ecology Research 16: 493-504. | Paper


Nucleic Acid Preservation (NAP) Buffer's lab recipe

from Camacho-Sanchez M, Burraco P, Gomez-Mestre I, Leonard JA (2013) Preservation of RNA and DNA from mammal samples under field conditions. Molecular Ecology Resources 13: 663-73. | Paper


Scripts for genotype simulation

used in Sanchez-Donoso I, Huisman J, Echegaray J, Puigcerver M, Rodríguez-Teijeiro JD, Hailer F, Vilà C (2014) Detecting slow introgression of invasive alleles in an extensively restocked game bird. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 2: 00015. | Link
Genotype data set available from the Dryad Digital Repository


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